21-22 June 2021 - Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair Forum. Berlin, Germany

Envisioning The Future Of Rehab Mobility Technology

Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair Forum | 21-22 June 2021. Berlin, Germany

Bringing together the leading engineers in the field of intelligent wheelchair design, building and development

Conventional wheelchairs aren’t smart. They aren’t even very advanced, considering most of their features were devised decades ago. New engineering developments offer opportunities to develop intelligent wheelchair assistive technology, hence there is a need to bridge academia and industry to explore an innovative way to translate emerging technologies into practical solutions that leads to an affordable modern wheelchair. This is where ROBOChair Berlin comes into the play.

The event is geared towards engineers, disruptors & innovators, manufacturers, service prviders of intelligent wheelchair. The two-day conference will feature a broad range of sessions span multiple domains in new concepts and innovations in wheelchair design, human-machine interaction, assistive technology, motion control, electrification and health care.

With buyers and key decision makers representing the full spectrum of the Rehe mobility engineering industry in attendance, the show floor offers exhibitors a unique opportunity to access your target market. Showcase your products and services, reconnect with existing customers, increase your visibility, and create opportunities for expanded business in this industry.

Suggested key technology topics and related subjects include:

  • New design concepts and innovations in wheelchair development.
  • Intelligent wheelchair systems and assistive devices.
  • Navigation, avoiding collision and path planning.
  • Sensors and data processing.
  • Human computer interaction and user interface design.
  • Information communication technology (Software/Apps, home automation).
  • Functional components, parts and accessories.
  • Wheelchair safety solutions.
  • Wearable devices and health monitoring electronics.

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